Welcome to the MSU Trial Garden

Download a pdf version of our 2014 Trial booklet by clicking here.

Problems finding the gardens? The address of our building is 1066 Bogue, East Lansing, MI - our Garden Parking lot is just south of the building and north of the railroad tracks.

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2014 Plant Trial Field Day - August 5, 2014 - to register Follow this link

Join us for this annual event to learn about top-performing plants in the MSU Trial Gardens including bedding plants, vegetative ornamentals, and vegetables. In the morning we will host a half day program with presentations on the Best of the Best from our Trial Manager Daedre Craig and Garden Director Art Cameron. Learn about some of the best new plants and how they perform in mid-Michigan in our trials. Plant performance, ornamental characters, and special needs of plants will be covered.

This year, we have added an hour-long session on "What's the buzz? Pollinators, pesticides, and the evolving ethics of American gardeners". For this important and timely topic, Entomologists and Horticultural Extension Specialists will bring us up-to-date on the latest news in pollinators, native insects, and pesticides such as neonicotinoids. This is an important issue and it is critical for producers and retailers to have the best, unbiased information to present to consumers with real concerns about production techniques and their influence on our environment.

After lunch, there will be guided tours of our annual, perennial, and vegetable trials led by Daedre Craig (Trial Garden Manager), Renata Reibitz (Perennial Garden Manager) and Art Cameron (Garden Director). Also, Rufus Isaacs (Entomologist) will lead a tour focused on native insects in our planted landscapes.

In addition, you should take time while on campus to tour our 14 acres of beautiful landscapes including a vast array of annuals, perennials, and woody plants. There are a multitude of theme gardens including our award-winning 4H Children's Garden, our annual display and trial gardens, roof-top gardens, demonstration vegetable garden, a Japanese garden, and more.




8:30 am

Registration and refreshments

9:00 am

Introduction to the MSU Plant Trial Field Day and the MSU Horticulture Gardens

Dr. Art Cameron, Horticulture Gardens Director

9:15 am

What's the buzz? Pollinators, pesticides, and the evolving ethics of American gardeners

Dr. Art Cameron

9:25 am

What's the buzz on neonicotinoids and pollinators? Truths and half-truths

Dr. Erik Runkle, Assoc. Professor of Floriculture
and Dr. Dave Smitley, Professor of Entomology

9:40 am

What do consumers think about bee friendly plant production?

Dr. Kristin Getter, Floriculture Outreach Specialist

10:00 am

Native pollinators and other insects in planted gardens

Dr. Rufus Isaacs, Professor of Entomology

10:20 am


10:40 am

Grow-It! A new Mobile app

Seth Reed, Ball Horticultural

10:50 am

The best of the best new plant introductions in the 2014 MSU Plant Trials

Daedre Craig, Trial Garden Manager

11:45 am

Selecting and promoting the best new plants; sponsored trials, All-American Selections,
Fleuroselect, and other marketing schemes that influence buying patterns

Dr. Art Cameron

12:15 pm


1:00 pm

Organized tours:

Annuals - Daedre Craig
Perennials - Renata Reibitz
Plant potpourri - Dr. Art Cameron
Native insects in the garden - Dr. Rufus Isaacs

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