2014 Top Winners

This category is reserved for plants that really grabbed our attention at each evaluation throughout the summer, and scored a perfect 5.0 by the end of the season. The number of plants we put in this category varies from year to year, and a particular plant might be in this category for consecutive years.


Calibrachoa Conga Blush - Ball FloraPlant

Angelonia Archangel Dark Rose - Ball FloraPlant

Basil Try Basil - PanAmerican

Begonia Mistral Red - Selecta

Bracteantha Cottage Bronze - Westhoff

Caladium Artful™ Fire and Ice - Proven Winners

Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Hula Orange - RED FOX

Calibrachoa Celebration® Banana - Westhoff

Calibrachoa Celebration® White Imp. 355 - Westhoff

Cleome Senorita Rosalita - Proven Winners

Coleus Kong Lime Sprite - PanAmerican

Coleus Marquee Blonde Bombshell - Burpee Home Gardens

Coleus Marquee Box Office Bronze - Burpee Home Gardens

Diascia Sundiascia ™ Upright Blush White - Suntory

Impatiens Big Bounce Cherry - Selecta

Impatiens Bounce Pink Flame - Selecta

Lantana Little Lucky Orange - Ball FloraPlant

Lantana Lucky Lavender - Ball FloraPlant

Lobelia Waterfall Purple - Ball FloraPlant

Lobularia Dark Knight - Proven Winners

Marigold Durango Tangerine - PanAmerican

Marigold Durango Yellow - PanAmerican

Pennisetum Graceful Grasses® Sky Rocket' - Proven Winners

Petunia Bingo®/Perfectunia® Magma Red - Westhoff

Petunia Bingo®/Perfectunia® White - Westhoff

Petunia Crazytunia® Knight Rider impr. - Westhoff

Petunia Damask Violet - Syngenta

Petunia Easy Wave Berry Velour - PanAmerican

Petunia Easy Wave Burgundy Velour - PanAmerican

Petunia Flash Mob Pinkceptional - Ball FloraPlant

Petunia Happytoonia Blue - PAC-Elsner

Petunia Peppy Lavender - RED FOX

Petunia Picobella Cascade Lavender - Syngenta

Petunia Picobella Cascade Red - Syngenta

Petunia Success! Red - Benary

Petunia Success! Rose - Benary

Petunia Success! Violet - Benary

Petunia Success! White - Benary

Petunia Supertunia® Morning Glory - Proven Winners

Portulaca RioGrande Magenta - Ball FloraPlant

Portulaca RioGrande Orange - Ball FloraPlant

Portulaca RioGrande Yellow - Ball FloraPlant

SimplyHerbs Curled Parsley - PanAmerican

SimplyHerbs Oregano - PanAmerican

Verbena Estrella UP Pink Ballet - Westhoff

Verbena Voodoo TR Pink Star - Westhoff



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